Swallow cliff new stairs. Access Forbidden

Swallow cliff new stairs

Visitors provide their own sleds. Trail users can access the yellow trail at the Swallow Cliff South entrance as well. In , an additional steps were added, completing a circuit for visitors. The bluff creates one of the best sledding hills in the county and also one of its toughest and most scenic stair workouts. The stairs are cleared and salted.

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Swallow cliff new stairs

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  1. Jun 10, - New set of fitness stairs now open at Swallow Cliff. Susan Bright (right), of Willow Springs, prepares to climb the new set of fitness stairs, installed by Cook County Forest Preserves, at Swallow Cliff in Palos Park.

  2. Swallow Cliff Woods is best known for its dramatic “front lawn,” which leads up a steep, foot-tall bluff. The bluff creates one of the best sledding hills in the county and also one of its toughest and most scenic stair workouts. On top of the bluff, trails pass through this quiet acre preserve.

  3. Ask douvilleellen about Swallow Cliff Stairs. 7 Thank There were old people, young people, fat people, skinny people, all races, kids, new mothers with infants!

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