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Smoke and a pancake quote

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Smoke and a pancake quote

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  1. Austin Powers in Goldmember View Quote. Goldmember: Would you like a smoke and a pancake? Austin: What? Goldmember: A smoke and a pancake.

  2. Originally used by Mike Myers in "Austin Powers: Goldmember" as a joke about Dutch people. The whole movie (for whatever reason) is riddled with anti-Dutch.

  3. Would you like a smoke and a pancake? You know, flapjack and a .. at Wikipedia. Austin Powers in Goldmember quotes at the Internet Movie Database.

  4. This excerpt is about a drink named after the movie quote. The phrase a smoke and a pancake is a line from a movie that is joking about smoking an illegal.

  5. Nov 1, - Goldmember: A shmoke und a pancake. You know, a flapjack und a shigarette? Hmm, Alright, Shigar und a waffle? No? Pipe und a crepe?

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