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Rattlesnake repellent for yards

Clear any debris in your yard. Snakes shed their skins as they grow, so a snake skin in your yard may or may not mean that you have the around. How to repel snakes from home - First, do not use mothballs to repel snakes from a home. Reptiles are a lot like humans — they go where food and water is located. Check all gates and gaps between the fence and your home.

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Rattlesnake repellent for yards Rattlesnake repellent for yards Rattlesnake repellent for yards

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  1. Use of Naphthalene flakes or mothballs (Paradichlorobenzene or 1,4-Dichlorobenzene) are not effective at repelling snakes. Do not try to kill the snake, as you may be injured. Commercial snake repellents which include clove oil, mint oil, cayenne pepper, cinnamon powder or sulfur may be somewhat effective.

  2. Control rodents in your yard and around your home: pick up fruit on the ground, keep trash cans closed with lids and don't leave pet food out. Remove birdfeeders as they attract small rodents which rattlesnakes prey on. Keep any vegetation from growing up or over the fence as snakes can use it as a way over the fence.

  3. Mar 17, - These are chemicals, so if you want a natural snake repellent then it's not for you. You should try something else. You just have to sprinkle the granules. To repel garter snakes, sprinkle the granules 4 to 5 inches wide, while to repel rattlesnakes sprinkle 8 to 12 inches wide.

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