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League of legends puns

What do you call an AFK Shyvana? What did Aurelion Sol say when he bumped his leg on a wall? What do you call a Camille that's stealthed? Did you know that Alistar is dyslexic? Luckily for all you pun lovers we have plenty of outrageous puns for you.

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League of legends puns

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  1. Mar 31, - Ill start. Why can Gangplank never play cards? He's always standing on the intermissionoflanesboro.com me your lamest League of legends pun: leagueoflegends.

  2. Ok, so whenever I play malphite, I'm constantly saying puns, what can I say he rocks. I love puns, they're great. I'm not Cass-ting out other jokesĀ  Cheesy LoL puns! - League of Legends Community.

  3. Jan 9, - Everyone Phreaks out at a little Pun, so check out these best League of Legends of so far!

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