Farmington singles dance. Town of Farmington, Maine - Community Center

Farmington singles dance

They will advance to the sectional wrestling meet th The dance starts at 7 p. Tickets will also be available at the door. Congratulations FHS Cheerleaders on their sectional championship! Tuesday, February 20, Bulletin — February 20, 6: Please see Miss Ramseyer for details.

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Farmington singles dance

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  1. A dance is held every 2nd Friday of the month at Shepard Lane in Farmington at to p.m. for single adults ages 31+. Dance instruction is.

  2. May 11, - Farmington Singles Dance. Every 2nd Friday of the month, a dance is held at Shepard Lane, Farmington, UT for LDS Singles 31+.

  3. Bountiful Education Series · pm. Mt TIMP Singles FHE · pm. Farmington Singles Dance · pm. Bountiful Temple Day · pm. Johnny's Dance.

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