Browned flour for diaper rash. Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

Browned flour for diaper rash

Then on medium heat, keep stirring the flour until it turns a light golden brown. Apply a light dusting at each diaper change. Next cover with the Desitin and lastly layer with the Vasaline. Put enough flour into the frying pan for a couple of applications. One of these wonderful things is the solution to diaper rash by browning flour.

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Browned flour for diaper rash Browned flour for diaper rash

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  1. brown flour for baby diaper rash. (disclaimer: not know to prevent or cure diseases; do not use powders unless okayed by pediatrician; or if baby has wheat allergy.) -ha while stirring as the flour is very dry and can easily fly out of your skillet and burns if it touches skin.

  2. Here is a simple, do it yourself remedyto quickly soothe away an irritating rash. Simply add 1 cup of plain all-purpose flour in a skillet over medium heat and stir frequently until it is evenly browned.

  3. We had our first bout with diaper rash tonight (At least I think it was to leave her diaper off for a while and then put burnt flour in her diaperĀ  Browned flour for diaper rash.

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